Monday, August 17, 2009

Fabrics I Can't Leave On The Shelf!

I just couldn't leave this Phillip Jacobs floral fabric on the shelf when I saw it. So clean and fresh that I designed my new bathroom around it -- spa blue. Now, when I walk into the bathroom, it just looks happy and contemporary. I put in an ocean-scented diffuser and it's like I'm on my own little tropical island.
Here's some quick and dirty directions to make your own shower curtain.

Just can't leave that oh-so-gorgeous fabric on the bolt at the store? And bonus! it matches your bathroom. Go ahead, purchase 5 yards, square up the ends with your ruler and rotary cutter, cut it in half, cut off all the selvages, sew the two lengths wrong sides together with 1/4" seam allowance, press, then with right sides together, stitch it again at 3/8" making a french seam that will not ravel in the wash. Press it.
(Oh, go ahead, buy an extra quarter yard and match it side to side if you must, but I warn you, not all large print quilt fabrics match up side to side like decorator fabrics)
Fold under 1/2" and then 1" on each side; press, pin and stitch.
Press under 5" at the top, fold back up and press on a 4 1/2" by curtain width strip of fusible interfacing about 1/2" from the top edge and even with the newly pressed fold line. Fold that top edge 1/2" under, then fold over 4 1/2" pin and stitch it down.
Buttonholes or Grommets
Make a mark about 1/2" from the top and 1" from each side edge. Measure the distance between the two marks and divide by 11. Make a mark at each intersection (approx 7 1/2") Make a vertical button hole or put in a grommet at each of the 12 marks. Hang your shower curtain using the decorative rings and determine how much hem will be needed. Fold under 1" and then fold over the hem width (up to 4") and stitch. Press thoroughly and hang. Enjoy. Lori Allison, Allison Quilt Designs

PS: Now I'm thinking new shower curtain for each season....look at these....from Michael Miller & Free Spirit found at The Fat Quarter Shop online. Too much fun!

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coffeemom said...

Isn't that the truth. I love Westminster fabric. Heck I love all fabric!