Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fruit Cake!

Doesn't this quilt just remind you of that nutty, citron-filled, whiskey flavored cake at Christmastime. The one everyone made fun of, but I secretly love.
I got a call from a shop who needed more "LaBelle Epoque" patterns. A lovely pattern made to use large prints with a unique applique center. "Oh," I exclaimed, "what fabric did you make it in?" "Well," she said, "we made it in yada, yada, yada (I don't remember) but we didn't make the applique center."
Whaaaa? I thought, no applique center??? That's the whole point of the pattern.
"Nope, just the half square triangles in pretty prints. Our customers love it. We need more patterns," she said.
Well, who am I to argue with the customers?

Obviously, you need a pattern for this! So I added some stacked prairie points, sized it for a twin sized dorm room bed and Voila! Fruit Cake! was created. I couldn't be happier -- unless I could eat it too.

Quilt On.....Lori Allsion
Allison Quilt Designs

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