Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bargello Placemats!

So, I'm at retreat making a new sample of Bargello Placemats, when my friend, across the way looks over and says, "Why would you put so much work into placemats that are just going to get spilled on?" The funny part was that she didn't know it was my pattern. One of my first patterns and probably one of my best selling patterns!

As I was teaching Bargello Placemats to a group of quilters in Ely, MN not long ago, I looked around at all the different color schemes and thought it really IS the perfect pattern for a placemat. It's artistic, easily displayed, usable, can be customized for any decor -- and you don't HAVE to eat on it!

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Judith and Sharon said...

where do i get a copy of this pattern?